why train twice or more a week?

Finding balance in life is not about balance between work and leisure, but about balance between outer achievement and inner refinement. (P. Kelly).

The deeper parts of the mind want to train every second of every day. The surface part of the mind may want to do something and be happy if you train once a week. So by training once a week you are giving in to the superficial mind. This is exactly the opposite of what you are looking for. When training tai ji as an internal art you are aiming to strengthen the deeper parts, and connecting to the deep body level is the first step.

When you practise tai ji and you move the mind actively through the body, the energy begins to move with it. This has a positive effect on the deep body level, and that effect lasts for a few days. If you train only once a week, this effect is completely gone the next time you train, so you have to start all over again each time. If you train twice or more a week, you will reconnect with the remaining effect and the effects of training will continue to build. Over time, this will support the progression and deepening process you are looking for. Therefore, we strongly recommend training at least twice a week, but three times is ideal. We also recommend training in class over individual training because the energy field of the group and the connection with the line of teaching through the instructors supports this process.

5 forces tai ji tries to encourage people to come to class as often as possible by not increasing the training fee when you come more often. For now, we offer 4/5 classes a week in Leuven, 3 in Brussels.